LUP Early Learners Program: Accepts children between 2yr to 3.5yr old.

Children transfer into our Preschool Program around 3.5yrs.

 Preschool/Pre-K Program: Accepts children 3.5yrs to 5.5yrs old. TK eligible children (5yrs between Sept. 2-Dec. 2) can stay through for an additional Pre-K year. 

2021-22 Tuition Rates

M-F Full Days $2200

MWF Full Days $1650

4 Full, 1 Half $2025

3 Full, 2 Half $1925

2 Full, 3 Half $1775

2 Full, 1 Half $1450

M-F Half Day $1500

MWF Half Day $1025


We currently only offer a limited number of MWF half day.

Tuition is billed monthly 

One months tuition held for deposit.

  Admission Process: