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What does preschool look like during this Pandemic? 


We're happy to report that the day to day preschool program doesn't look all that much different!  However, there are a few notable changes:

Parents are not able to be in the building*: We typically have a very open door policy and have parents spending time with us at drop-off and pick-up.

For now we've adjusted to greetings in the entry way with touch-less sign-in and daily health & temperature checks. To stay connected we send photos and messages to families throughout the day.

*We can make exceptions for the first week transition.

We're all wearing masks: Teacher wear mask at all times at school and our students

wear their masks during inside play times. We have a great system for mask storage and offer children mask breaks if needed.

Air flow and ventilation are top priority: We have added high quality air filters to each classroom and have our windows open all day.

Community Commitment & Regular Testing: Our parents and staff have signed an agreement to abide by all local mandates and use all precautions to protect our community from any possible exposure. Our staff are vaccinated and testing bi-weekly.

What added safety precaution are in place?

Ventilation, extended outside times, sanitation, handwashing, small groups, community commitment and staff testing.


Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 11.08.48
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