Our Activities

Our day is spent with extensive periods of outdoor play and a thoughtful mix of activities. Many of our wonderful Teachers share their unique talents through bringing special activities in the classroom!

Our activities include:

•Sensory Play

•Math Concepts

•Group games

•And much more!

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School Size

Little Urbanites offers two unique programs both located on 20th Avenue.     

  • 1214 20th Ave: Our Early Learners Program.  Ratio 1 to 7

       This program is for children age 2yrs-3.5yr old.

       The children split into two small groups

  • 1258 20th Ave: Our Preschool Program    Ratio 1 to 8

      This Program offers two groups that move through three classrooms and a beautiful outdoor play yard.

      Middle Group of 3yr-4yr olds and the Pre-K 4-5.5yr olds.


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Little Urbanites offers a child-centered, play-based approach that offers the balance of a daily structure and periods of open-ended free play in a thoughtful environment of high quality play materials.

Little Urbanites offers a strong emphases on social emotional development with the goal that children leave our program with a strong sense of self, understanding of community and ability to communicate effectively with others. We strongly believe that strong self identity and communication skills are the root of future educational (and life) success.


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Though we value "free play", we follow a daily routine that provides children a great sense of security as they anticipate and participate in the predictable progress of our day.

Our daily routine includes opportunities for children to take care of their classroom, school materials and personal belongings in a way that fosters a sense of connection and responsibility.


Eating at school offers children an opportunity to be exposed to new foods and see the variety of things that other people eat. Meals are also a wonderful time for rich conversation and connection with the group.

We provide a nutritious morning and afternoon snack, and children bring a pack lunches. We promote  low sugar foods at school and encourage alternatives to high sugar items for school lunches and group celebrations.

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Both our schools are located on 20th Avenue just between the bustling mid-Irving area and beautiful Golden Gate Park!  We are in the Heart of San Francisco's Sunset Neighborhood.

Both our buildings offer large well appointed backyards and beautifully designed interior play spaces.